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Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's Up, MGSD.Community?

I continue to have many questions and concerns about the MGSD.Community email group out of Cottage Grove, questions and concerns that continue to go unanswered. I have requested several times over the past couple of years to be included on the MGSD.Community email list, was added for a very short period of time (like a week), was kicked off the list and have never been added back on. My email requests go unanswered. In the meantime, I have become an elected official of the entire Monona Grove community, elected by both Cottage Grove and Monona voters, thank you very much. And still no entree into the MGSD.Community. Why? Did I miss the secret handshake? Did I mess up the special signal? Are my jeans not the right brand? I'm not asking to be on the cheerleading squad. I'm not asking to sit at the cool kids' table in the lunchroom. We aren't in middle school anymore. I was elected to represent the interests of our entire district. But I guess the MGSD.Community doesn't think so, because they won't put me on their email list. So much for increasing district communication.

I continue to receive phone calls and emails from concerned district residents (from BOTH Cottage Grove and Monona) that have been kicked off this email list because they have asked the administrator/s to identify themself/selves. Parents from Cottage Grove are angry that the MGSD.Community is linked to the Cottage Grove PTO, which is supposed to represent the entire population of Cottage Grove elementary parents. I have heard complaints from parents angry that the Cottage Grove PTO is using the funds raised equally by all to distribute literature with an email link to the MGSD.Community. I have heard concerns from Monona parents who feel like MGSD.Community is bent on marginalizing their place in this district. I have received emails from district residents that won't even allow me to quote from them anonymously because they are scared of the political backlash from the MGSD.Community. I have read comments from our parents and community members who are just straight up sick and tired of all this sixth-grade bullying. Here are some quotes:

"It disturbs me greatly that I have attended almost all Cottage Grove PTO
fundraisers, etc... and the money that I have donated is being used to work
against me having a voice or even being informed of the issues. I believe that
the money raised by the Cottage Grove PTO could be used in better ways to help
the children, and if any more money is being used to promote this anonymous
email list, I see no other option but to cease all donations of money to the

"How dare you take it upon yourself under the guise of 'community' to write
a message that openly creates an us versus them war. The only people who are
truly going to suffer with this battle are the students of the district. If you
are Community minded then act like it. Be creative, not destructive; offer
compromise, not confrontation; no attacks, just constructive dialogue."

And the response from the MGSD.Community, normally quite prolific in their correspondence to the select few? Strangely, suspiciously, uncharacteristically silent. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Why? I spend quite a lot of my time on my blog, trying to increase district communication and parent involvement for all sides of every issue. You know my name, where I live, who my children are, the fact that I have a ridiculously adorable chihuahua, that I'm obsessed with Star Trek and that I love tacos. My address is 4718 Tonyawatha Trail. My phone number is 249-7536, not that anonymous posters ever call me because I don't have an identity blocker or a voice scrambler installed on my line, alas. I am just a pleasantly normal person who is willing to stand up publicly for what I believe to be right. Agree, disagree, love me, hate me, question my fashion sense, tell my kids I suck, whatever. All my cards are on the table. I've got nothing up my sleeve.

MGSD.Community, who are you? You will endorse political candidates. You will put your email link on "Get Out The Vote" literature using PTO funds. You will send out informative missives to only those who pass the secret test. You lambaste certain Board members. You provide analysis-by-zip-code of our tax contributions. All under the banner of caring for our school district. "MGSD.Community Cares About Our Schools"? I disagree. You are contributing immensely to the division that this district suffers under. You are polarizing our taxpayers. You are alienating our parents. You are drawing precious energy away from the important issues at hand. You will not publicly walk the walk, but you're long on talking the talk. I ran for the Board of Education with the honest desire to help heal this district. You continue to pick at the scabs. How can this district come together to genuinely confront the seemingly insurmountable issues that face us financially, academically, racially and socially while you continue to sit back and stir the pot? This is a school district of two equally valuable, equally important and equally worthwhile communities that need to work together. For shame, MGSD.Community, you do not speak for the vast majority of us. Where is the "community" in that?

And I know that some will wonder why I am pursuing these questions, before you even get started with the

"Gee, Jessica, why are you picking on the MGSD.Community? Why aren't you picking on the Monona Rag? I cry foul! Why are you so unfair? Why are you biased? There's a conspiracy afoot! You're mean! Mean people suck!"

The reasons why I'm not picking on the Monona Rag are very simple:

  • I'm not picking on anyone. I'm asking questions that I am only growing increasingly more curious about the longer they go unanswered.

  • The Monona Rag doesn't send home their blog address in half of our district's elementary students' backpacks on paper that was paid for by the Cottage Grove PTO.

  • The Monona Rag doesn't lit-drop half of the school district with literature paid for by the Cottage Grove PTO.

  • The Monona Rag doesn't refuse to publish my comments and also won't kick me off their blog when I ask questions about their identity.

  • That being said, listen up Monona Rag! If you're going write a fashion review of the School Board meetings, you need to include the shoes! For those of us who are willing to rock the four inch stillettos while seven months pregnant, you'd better recognize! And what's up with your fixation on the Wiz?

So MGSD.Community, 'fess up. Who are you? Is your email list derived from the PTO email list? What is your association with the Cottage Grove PTO? Why are you using PTO funds to promote a political agenda? If you are truly all about caring for our schools, let's work together. For the betterment of all of the Monona Grove School District, not just where you live. And if that's not what you had in mind, do all of us uncool non-cheerleading, dorky-jeans-wearing kids a favor and change your email group name to the SpecialInterestOnlyByInvitationForOnly So then we'll all know where you stand.


  1. "I'm not asking to sit at the cool kids' table in the lunchroom. "

    Yes, you are or you would not have wrote this-ignore them. Ignore all who do not want to engage someone who has reached out like youself. What more can you do? This is not the lunchroom.

  2. I agree BUT I am sick and tired of this kind of behavior going unchallenged in this school district. Obviously no one else is standing up to say "knock it off and grow up" I am so tired of watching people bully each other over the most ridiculous things in this district. I have had it. It's not okay.

  3. Your points are exactly correct! Thank you for this. Since moving to the village a couple years ago, I figured out that there are a handful of people in Cottage Grove, several from one family, who are trying to control everything from PTO to Village Board. They have proven to be mean-spirited bullies.

  4. I'm from Monona and I was kicked off this email group because I asked who was running it. I guess I don't belong to their community either.

  5. Jessica, Are you aware that this email group is now sending out the list of preliminary lay-offs for teachers, as if keeping Maywood open have caused all these lay-offs? I thought that the only two teachers who are being laid off because of keeping Maywood open are the IMC assistants, and they aren't even on the list. Talk about bending the truth to suit your agenda. I am troubled that there are parents in this District who act like this. I want to know who they are too, so I can stay away from them.

  6. "Mean people suck"- hah hah, ur too funny! Seriously tho, ur right this has to stop. They need to get a life.

  7. Come on, we all know who this is, the same people who are always stirring up trouble. Too bad they can't stand on their own two feet.

  8. Regarding the lay-off list, I haven't seen the email, because once again, I'M NOT ON THE LIST, but it's too bad that they are distributing it before the decisions are made and with that intention in mind. Out of the sixteen PRELIMINARY notices, I believe at least three were attributed to teachers returning to their previous positions and some were because of enrollment numbers, some were becaue of budget cuts that were on the table regardless if Maywood was closed or not. You're correct that the only lay-offs directly related to the delay of consolidating Maywood was the reduction of two IMC paraprofessionals who were not on the list because they are not teachers. At any rate, could someone please post this latest email or else forward it me?

  9. The thing that really bugs me about this email group is that their emails look like they are coming from the school district, especially now that the district email is When I got one email about only voting for Sobol and Pickel, I thought it came from the school!?!?! When I asked who was sending it, I got taken off the list too. Why can't the superintendent do something about this? Their email is misleading.

  10. To Wondering too- that is problematic. Did you address your concerns to the Superintendent?

  11. Jessica, I admire that you are trying to bring people together, but get real. They're out for blood.

  12. what email address would you like them forwarded too? great blog by the way!

  13. Have you seen their attack email on the charter school? Who do I have to call to make this stop? Obviously the superintendent is not going to ever step in.

  14. or

  15. To the above poster, no I haven't seen it yet- please post. Too bad about the charter school backlash- I think it's a great idea to draw children into our district and merits exploration regardless of our financial situation.

  16. No, I didn't, because I don't think it will do any good. And I don't want those people to know who I am.

  17. That is a truly sad comment! Whoever you are MGSD.Community, I hope you're reading this. This is the effect you have had on at least one of our district's residents. And that's one person too many. That's just nasty.

  18. Good Job Jessica!

    Very disappointed in Craig Gerlach's lack of leadership on this issue. It his his job and responsibility to shut them down or make them play fair. Of course they mis-appropriated the PTO email list for their political games. When we pay someone like Mr. Gerlach over $150,000 per year AND MGSD TAXPAYERS MAKE SEVERAL MONTHS WORTH OF HIS HOUSE PAYMENTS AS PART OF HIS "RELOCATION PACKAGE" WE HAVE A RIGHT TO EXPECT BETTER!

    Please tell me that the school board is NOT going to give administrative staff a raise this year while we are laying off our kids music teachers, and the lunch ladies got 0% and are in danger of being laid off...

  19. This is what the mgsdcommunity has to say about charter schools.

    "What is wrong with our current schools that we need to add another one during these horrible economic times? We do not have a fact based annswer to this questions, like the other answers above. The Mayor of Monona is advocating for an environmental 6-8 Grade Charter School to be housed in Winnequah. This would accomplish several things-it would find a use for the 69% of the building that is empty, it would give Monona middles school children an option closer to home if they didn't want to attend Glacial Drumlin in Cottage Grove, and it would keep Maywood open."
    Are these supposed to be bad accomplishments? They forgot to mention it would also provide an excellent environmental education for ALL of the 6-8 graders in our district, could very well bring NEW children into our district and increase open enrollment dollars, and also be a front-runner in educational excellence. My guess is that if Peter Sobol had his way, we would have an environmental charter school in Cottage Grove (yes, he did actually say it would be a better place- did he forget about the lake?) and the mgsdcommunity would be pushing it down our throats.

  20. Jess:

    I think Super Gerlach needs to get involved. Here is why. A search of "WHOIS" yielded the following info:

    WHOIS information for :


    Whois Server Version 2.0

    Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
    with many different competing registrars. Go to
    for detailed information.

    Domain Name: MGSCHOOLS.NET
    Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    Status: clientRenewProhibited
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Status: clientUpdateProhibited
    Updated Date: 25-nov-2009
    Creation Date: 23-nov-2009
    Expiration Date: 23-nov-2012

    Moving on to GoDaddy, I went to the "Retrieve Customer Number" function and this is what comes up:

    Verify Email Address
    A message containing your Customer Number will be sent to the email address on file for this account, which is shown below.

    If this email address is valid, click Continue and we will send the email message.

    If this email address is not valid, please complete the Email Change Form and fax it to us with the necessary documentation to change your email address or click Back to return to the previous page.

    Email Address:***********

    SO, it would appear that the person who setup this "" domain actually works for the MGSD! I would think that Craig could easily request the district IT staff to track down which employee working for MGSD has been accessing GoDaddy. I could...

    Good luck and please expose these cretins. They should be FIRED!

  21. oops- actually is our district email- the problem is coming from but thanks for the thought!!

  22. I've not seen the note from the group about the teacher layoffs, and it sounds pretty inaccurate. However, I think some of this is because of school board inaction, and more teacher lay-offs (due to keeping Maywood open) are coming.

    The board only cut about $800,000 out of the 1 million goal (it sounds like they are $100,000 short of the best estimate for next year). I understand how hard it was to do that much, but I don't think the cuts are going to get any easier next year, and I think the only thing left is staff.

    It sounds like MGSD Community is manipulating the facts to support their arguement, but I still feel their point is valid.

  23. Didn't it used to be

  24. It used to be

  25. Yes, the district web site is still and that was used to set up, which replaced the "emailaddress" It's the school email address now, so they were both set up by the school. The is the email address that I am referring to, not the, which is my email address as well.

  26. Leave Craig alone-What is he suppose to do-chase down every blog and e-mail group that has wrong information posted?

  27. Very true- there is really nothing that our Superintendent can do about this email group. It is completely their choice and right to disseminate whatever information, correct or incorrect, that they choose. Outside of slandering someone or commiting a crime, the MGSD.Community can do whatever they want, as they clearly do. They can't, however, use PTO funds to disseminate their message or mislead people into thinking they are a school-sponsored email list. They do have a disclaimer on their email, but until they actually admit their identity, no one will know what or who exactly they are. This reluctance to idenitfy themself/selves really sends the message that they aren't working for the common good. What's with the secrecy???? But as for Superintendent Gerlach, he really doesn't have a role to play in tracking down this email group's author/s, although he could ask about the PTO affiliation. I don't know if he has yet, but I do know he was planning to.

  28. To all of you on here:

    The Superintendent has no control over a group of citizens. Their right to free speech is what makes this a great country. I see at least 1 post above that contains inaccurate information, so it is no different then what you are doing here. If you want someone to go after MGSD then they also have to go after Jessica, Peter and Jason's blogs also.

    These are all forms of free speech. The fact that you are disagreeing with them or don't like their message or tactics is something you will have to get over. The same freedom that allows you to post here anonymously allows them to disseminate information.

    Please stop worrying about this and start worrying about what our board does next as it tackles the many issues facing our district.

  29. Poster above.

    There is a huge difference, and I get the distinct sense that you are trying to gloss right over it.......

    Jessica, Peter, and Jason aren't paying for their blog time with PTO MONEY!!!

    How do you expect anyone to give any credibility AT ALL to this MGSD "group" ( i have the sense also that it is much smaller than they'd lead you to believe ) when they CHEAT?? For god's sake, even my first grader knows that that is no way to get ahead!

  30. I do not know how I was put on their list, but I have asked to have my name removed. I actually don't disagree with much of what they have sent, but I do agree that an organization such as this should have actual people associated with it. In all honesty, I would say that if I found their missives offensive (and on the charter school I did), I would be very upset about how they are operating. In the interest keeping our discussions civil, positive and focused on the issues, I hope others will also remove themselves.

  31. I disagree with the above statement because the issue is not free speech. The issue is the PTO connection to MGSD Community. It is illegal for the PTO, as a 501(c)(3) to lobby for candidates (which they did in the school board election). Furthermore, they are using the monies that parents donated and fund-raised--which are supposed to directly benefit our kids, not photocopies of "get-out-the-vote" literature that cited the MGSDCommunity. I know the PTO leadership (most likely one in the same as the MGSD Community) has shared email lists because I set up a special email solely to be used for CG PTO and guess where it went?! It also went to the biggest pain-in-the-butt relative of one of the PTO leaders who added it to his distribution list.

    Free speech? Not the issue. Illegal activity by a non-profit and misuse of PTO funds.

  32. "Illegal activity by a non-profit and misuse of PTO funds."

    OK, if you are going to make that accusation file a complaint with the proper government body.

  33. From what I've heard I'm not a fan of the MGSD Community, and I suspect there is a connection with the PTO. BUT I don't like the arguement such as the one above:

    "Illegal activity by a non-profit and misuse of PTO funds."

    I really don't think most of the members of either the PTO or the MGSD Community would have known the rules, or really disagreed with getting stuff from the mailing list. They just want to help their schools, and learn about issues in the district.

    It is a real shame the moderator of the mailing list won't come forward, since it seems clear that they've made a mistake or knowingly broke the rules. But please be careful to lump the whole PTO in with the few at fault. It justifies the us vs. them mentality that sustains groups like MGSD Community.

  34. Several individual in the CG community have already filed notices with the IRS. And sadly, even more are done donating or volunteering for the CG PTO because of the distrust of the leadership.

  35. Agreed -- not lumping in most of the PTO, but certainly the leaders should be aware of the IRS rules and the PTO constitution/by-laws. And of course, ignorance is never an excuse for breaking the law; the lobbying on behalf of candidates that the PTO did put the PTO's non-profit status on the line.

  36. I'm stunned. According to the posters on this blog the PTO has broken the law and misappropriated funds. If this is the case, the superintendant certainly would have grounds to shut down the PTO. If he hasn't done so, the logical conclusion is that the posters are exagerating the situation, promoting divisiveness and trying to hurt the PTO and the staff, schools and children who benefit from all of their hard work. I ask, who's guilty of spreading misinformation? It abounds here! I urge you to spend your time on something constructive.

  37. "According to the posters on this blog the PTO has broken the law and misappropriated funds. If this is the case, the superintendant certainly would have grounds to shut down the PTO. If he hasn't done so, the logical conclusion is that the posters are exagerating the situation"

    No, that's not the logical conclusion. Maybe I'm crazy, but I would think the superintendent would talk to the school board if he investigated such things and found the accused innocent of the allegations. Therefore, I think the writer of this blog would know about any such report.

    That doesn't mean people are exaggerating on this board - but a big, long leap that because Gerlach hasn't shut down the CG PTO it means their innocent.

  38. Nine days later... still no response from the MGSD.Community. It's really telling that the author/s won't step forward, even if just to clear the CG PTO's outstanding reputation.

  39. Do they even have a 501(c)(3) status?

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