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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Board of Education Committees Slated To Be Reinstated?

School board committees likely returning - The Herald-Independent - Cottage Grove and Monona, Wisconsin: "School board committees likely returning

Adam Mella
Managing Editor

After a year-long experiment to run all district business through the full board, it appears the school board will reinstate some committees in the near future.
Citing a desire to reduce redundancy and hold more policy discussions at the full board level, School Board President Fox and a split board voted to eliminate committees last year. After a brief discussion on April 14, it appears President Fox is ready to reinstate at least some of those committees in the near future."

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Pending Board action on the 28th, please apply for committee seats at


  1. The superintendent seemed to think the finance committee would help get more details for budget questions, so I think that is a good idea. What are the other committees that may or may not come back?

  2. It seems likely that the policy committee will be reinstated- it's really difficult and akward to write policy in Board meetings. I'm not sure about the curriculum committee in it's original form, maybe the scope of a new committee would combine curriculum and a long-term academic plan. We haven't discussed it as a Board yet, so I am only speculating. I would really like to see the legislative committee come back, but again, I'm not sure of the interest for this either. Any thoughts from you?

  3. Perhaps it would fall under the finance committee, but the district should have a group to search for grants and corperate donations.

    I assume it's pretty disorganized with little leadership currently. Teachers probably apply because they heard about it from other teachers, not from the administration or the board.

  4. That is a wonderful idea- I will bring it up on Wednesday!

  5. There is a group to fund raise. It's called the Monona Grove Education Foundation. It's 501c3 status makes donations tax deductible. That group can be as active as the board members make it. They have always done a pretty good job but there has never been a community leader who really made it their focus.

    As for grants, the district could consider a grant coordinator who is paid in part on a % of the grant monies brought it. Otherwise there is nobody currently who has time to seek and assist in writing for grants. Grant writing is an art and a professional skill. You cannot expect the finance committee or volunteers to sustain something like that.