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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bill Would Require Anti-Bullying Policy - Education News Story - WISC Madison

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Bill Would Require Anti-Bullying Policy - Education News Story - WISC Madison: "Bill Would Require Anti-Bullying Policy
Senate Passed Measure In October
Updated: 11:43 am CDT April 15, 2010

Madison, Wis. -- Wisconsin schools would have to report all bullying incidents to the state under a bill up for final passage in the state Legislature.
The measure before the state Assembly on Thursday would also require schools to adopt policies banning bullying.
The bill was recommended by a panel of school, law enforcement and community officials who met in 2008 to discuss changes designed to increase school safety.
The Senate passed the bill in October. The state announced last year that it would be making free anti-bullying curriculum available to all Wisconsin elementary and middle schools."

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