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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Second Week of the Month...

"A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours are wasted."

- James T. Kirk

And while I don't necessarily agree with that statement entirely, even my kids have learned to scatter when the dreaded words "the second week of the month" are spoken. Because they know that's when the mothership leaves the home planet for intergalactic negotiation and the occasional battle.

  • Tuesday, April 13th Monona Park and Recreation Board- Monona Community Center 6:30pm

Unfinished business includes an edible garden grant application request (love it!) and continued discussion on the Park and Open Spaces Plan, specifically regarding Maywood and Frostwoods Park. New business will cover a recommendation for a vendor for the Ahuska Soccer and Football Field fence project, as well as a park bench donation and replacement program. We will also be hearing several updates from the city staff on various projects currently in the works.

  • Wednesday, April 14th Monona Grove Board of Education - Glacial Drumlin IMC 7pm

New business includes discussion and possible approval of a new charter for the Monona Grove Alternative School and the implementation of its grant application to DPI, ninth grade biology beginning the 2010-2011 school year, 2010-2011 teacher preliminary notices of layoff, the revision of Board Policy 185- Standing Board Committee Guidelines and the Board Exhibit 186- Questions for Potential Citizen Members on Standing Board Committees. We will also be having a Board discussion with Glacial Drumlin Principal Renee Tennant, Monona Grove High School Principal Paul Brost and Diversity Coordinator Charlie Ellis on the district racial issues.

  • Thursday, April 15th Monona Family Attraction and Retention Committee- Monona Public Library 6:30pm

The committee plans to meet to discuss final approval of the Broadway banner designs.


  1. You are the coolest board member ever

  2. Jessica,

    Does serving on the two Monona committees create a conflict of interest on any of your school board decisions? Seems to me that voting to allow renting of space or partnering with the Monona Rec. Dept. would. Seems to me that the keep Maywood open vote to attract families may?

    Just want to know if your first concern is for Monona or the Monona Grove School District. Seems that your intentions are right, but concerned that potential decsisions may be conflicted based on your serving on these committees?

    PS - Glad that you serve on all 3 of these because your voice is a good one to have, but still concerned with any potential conflicts of interest. Do you know if others serve on School Board and other Government boards that may cause the same conflict of interest?

  3. HMMMmmmmmmmmmm. Really? No, not at all. I think you're giving me A LOT more power than I actually have. I'm just a mom with a lot of energy who likes to volunteer. I was on both of those committees/boards while I was running for the Board, as well as the co-preseident of the Monona PTO. I might be crazy, yes, but conspiring for my own hidden agenda, no.

  4. This is one of those times where I go "what in the world was I thinking when I started my own blog?" Yikes.

  5. really...would Jessica's opinion of Monona or school issues change if she dropped these committees? I highly doubt it.

  6. I think it's a valid question/concern. I have wondered the same thing. Your opinion of what is best for Monona (say keeping Maywood open) may not be what is best for the Monona Grove School District. You also do have a great deal of power, you are one of only 7 people in this entire district who get to vote on a monthly basis on very important issues that affect our schools and our children, please don't minimize. I don't think this should be taken as an insult or an implication of having a hidden agenda. I think it's a simple and valid question about a potential conflict of interest. Many Board members have had potential conflict of interest questions posed to them before. An answer about how you are able to separate your work on these committees would help us understand how you do it. Thanks.

  7. Please see new post for my response.