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Friday, February 18, 2011

School Is Back On For Monday?

A message from Superintendent Craig Gerlach:

Dear Monona Grove School District Parents,

The Monona Grove School District will be open for school on Monday, February 21. Kristine Wollerman, Monona Grove Education Association (MGEA) President, representing the leadership of their association, will direct all MGEA members to attend school beginning Monday, February 21, 2011.

In addition, all teachers are expected to separate political and union issues from instruction in all cases, unless this is part of a planned current event in a social studies classroom. In social studies classes too, teachers are expected to present balanced perspectives, and not advocate for their own view.

Many parents have asked what discipline will result from teachers not reporting to work on Thursday and/or Friday. Teachers not coming to work will be docked pay for one or two days depending on the number of days they were out. Continued participation in statewide job action may result in discipline in accordance with state law, district policy, and the collective bargaining agreement.

Options are also being considered regarding make up days or time to deal with instructional time that has been lost due to this job action. The Board of Education will be discussing this on Tuesday, February 22nd at the regular meeting.

As the superintendent of schools, I will work with other district leaders and all staff to unify our efforts to provide the best possible education for your children. We need to pull together for our students, especially after a period of turmoil and divisiveness.

I have received many emails, phone calls, and personal comments that represent a wide range of political perspectives. I take your comments and concerns seriously.

Finally, I realize that the events of this past week have been very difficult and stressful for all of us. We must strive to keep our collaborative efforts focused on the education of our children. The school district will do everything possible to set a positive tone and provide the best possible educational experiences for our children.


Craig Gerlach


  1. I thought I read that WEAC wanted teachers back on are our teachers going to listen to Craig or WEAC? I hope that if they will close that the poor parents get an early notice.

  2. So elementary kids would go Tuesday and Wednesday, then be off Thursday and Friday? I'm starting to wonder if our kids will ever have a full week of school again.

  3. Me too. And we're just back from a ten day vacation. My kids are almost begging to go to school. Guess I'm getting kinda boring.

  4. It's a furlough day for state employees. I'd say the odds are favoring a sick-out for teachers.

  5. "teachers are to present balanced perspective..."

    You betcha. I hope they explain to the kids about the Koch brothers and Karl Rove.