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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monona Grove Board Of Education Meeting This Wednesday, February 9th

The Board of Education will meet tomorrow evening, February 9th, in the District Office at 7pm. The full agenda can be found here.
Some highlights of tomorrow's meeting:
 Nancy Gagnon and Stephanie Ramer will present the Board with the details of the proposed charter School of Health and Environmental Sciences. This project-based learning charter school aims to serve students in grades 6 through 8.

There will also be discussion of the location of second grade students at Cottage Grove Elementary School for the coming school year.
The district's budget reduction process and proposals will also be discussed at length.

Also, many thanks for all of these generous donations!

 Donation from Diane Loui to Cottage Grove School to purchase a document camera
 Donation of $2,000.00 from Walmart to Maywood & Winnequah Schools.
 $1,525.00 from the Cottage Grove PTO to purchase SMARTBoards at Taylor Prairie School.
 Three winter jackets, 2 pairs of snow pants, 10 winter hats and 10 pairs of knit gloves for students from Joann Kerr to the Cottage Grove School
 $359.33 From the Monona Elementary PTO for the Winnequah School for 5th grade art
 $565.30 from the Cottage Grove Book Fair (Cottage Grove PTO) to Taylor Prairie School

Unfortunately, I will not be attending our meeting as my family is on vacation on the Gulf Coast, where the state of public education is truly dire, where school reserve accounts are running dry and 60 of 131 Alabama school districts have less than one month of operating expenses in their accounts. Read more here.

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