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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monona Grove Board Of Education's Statement On The Budget Repair Bill

Feb. 22 2011

We believe that we need to keep the educational needs of the children in the forefront of all that we do.

Given the significant challenges facing our state, we believe that it is in the interests of the Monona Grove School District to maintain respectful partnerships and cooperative relationships that preserve rights and dignity for all. We agree that there is room for improvement in the laws governing the relationship between local governmental units and public employees, In our judgment, the proposals in the "Budget Repair Bill" give too little consideration for the possbile disruptions that invaribly result from such sweeping changes.

As such, we believe the collective bargaining provisions in the "Budget Repair Bill" should be reconsidered in a more collaborative process.

Our commitment must continue to be that of providing the best educational environment for our youth.

Monona Grove Board Of Education


  1. was this a unanimous vote?

  2. I wish it was a little stronger, but I'm glad you passed this, and am very supportive of the board members position.

  3. Thank you Monona Grove School Board.

  4. Right on Monona Grove Board!