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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monona Grove Schools Closed Friday.

From the district website:

Unfortunately, the majority of our teaching staff has called in absent. We are unable to secure enough substitute teachers to provide a safe learning environment for our children. Therefore, school will be closed tomorrow, Friday, February 18.

We understand the concern over loss of instruction and the inconvenience this is placing on our families.

After school activities will take place unless otherwise notified.
All staff members are required to report to their respective buildings.



  1. I did did not support the MGEA job actions earier this year. But this is different. They must show up downtown and we shoud too. This is about more than us and our district. This is an assaut on midde class workers and the corporate intersts that support walker and his cronies. They love to see us turn on each other, pitting private sector workers against pubic sector. Custodians, nurses, secretaries, snow plow drivers, nursing home aides - all of these are being asked to bend over while the wealthy are asked to sacrfice nothing. It's time for the middle class to pull together.

  2. This is ridiculous. They've spent all year, "working the contract", holding out for everything that they are down at the Capitol saying that they are willing to give up if Scott Walker would just talk to them.

    How about working to your contract now, teachers?