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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Sharpest Stack Of Knives

I overheard someone say the other night that they "weren't dealing with someone with the sharpest stack of knives". It reminded me of another bizarre conversation I recently had with a service rep for Airtran Airlines that went a little something like this:

Me: Hi, I need to reschedule my flight connecting through Atlanta today.

Rep: Ma'am, your flight has not been cancelled. If you can't make your flight, I'm sure any number of travellers would be happy to book it. There are thousands of people stranded at the Atlanta airport.

Me: So these people stranded at the airport, their flights have all been cancelled? Because the airport has been shut down for the day?

Rep: Correct.

Me: So the Atlanta airport is closed, has announced that all flights in and out of Atlanta are cancelled, and no one is getting anywhere today?

Rep: Correct ma'am. The weather is unbelieveable over there!

Me: But despite all these inconveniences, miraclously, my flight through Atlanta is still on?

Rep: Correct

Me: Really? I'm not sure I understand. You are telling me that all flights are cancelled, except mine, which is scheduled to fly out of an airport that is closed?

Rep: I can only go by what my computer tells me is so. Is there anything else I can help you with ma'am?

Me: I'm not sure how to answer that one.

Rep: Well, you can reschedule your flight for tomorrow, but if I were you, I don't think I would chance it.

I don't know if my flights were the only ones to arrive and depart the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport that day, but because perhaps some cosmic force was shining down on me, or maybe because I was travelling with a five-month-old and only two diapers, my flight did indeed leave. And I was on it. I have long since learned that when you're dealing with someone who doesn't have the sharpest stack of knives (or does!), you don't ask any questions but just keep moving through the terminal. (PS to the city of Atlanta: it's called global climate change; buy some more snowplows and a little street salt!)

Speaking of sharp knives, what in the world is going on in Cottage Grove? Doug beat me to a blogpost about the bizarre EMS meeting conspiracy. Really? And I thought serving on the school board could get bad...

The Monona Grove Board of Education met this past Wednesday evening at Glacial Drumlin. While the intrepid Adam Mella predicted that we would convene around 3am, the Board called it a wrap at the shocking hour of 8:30pm. The Herald-Independent had an article about our budget reduction process here.

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