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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good News, Bad News: Wisconsin Students Top National Average On Science Test

 Wisconsin students have scored higher than the national average on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a science achievement test. Unfortunately, once the scores were broken down by race, white students averaged scores in the mid-160s and black students had scores in the low 120s. The national average is 149. And while Wisconsin students top the nation on this assessment test, the findings further emphasize our large achievement gap in Wisconsin, which is also the highest in the nation.

Check out this report in the Journal Sentinel here.


The state Department of Public Instruction said Wisconsin fourth- and eighth-graders each scored 157 on a national test. The average for both grades was 149.
The DPI said Tuesday the scores were from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which was administered in 2009.
White Wisconsin students had scores in the mid-160s, just above the national average. But black students scored in the low 120s, and the gap between the two groups at the eighth-grade level was the highest in the nation.
Asian students scored in the low 150s while Hispanics were in the mid-130s.
State Superintendent Tony Evers said closing the achievement gap will require the cooperation of quality educators and supportive parents.

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