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Monday, January 17, 2011

Public Notice: Naming Request For The Ahuska Park Football/Soccer Field

From Park and Recreation Director, Jake Anderson:

This is a public notice of a request made by Monona Grove Youth Football to name the existing Football/Soccer Field at Ahuska Park Haukereid Field. This would be to honor Morrie Haukereid as one of the founders of the Monona Pee Wee Football program and current organizer over the past 42 years.

Attached is the request from the Monona Grove Youth Football group, current park/park facilities naming policies and an art rendering of what the football field entrance would look like. Per our policy, the public has time to comment on the naming request before the Parks & Recreation Board will make a recommendation at the February 8th meeting. Tentatively City Council would take the proposal up at the February 21st meeting. Individuals or groups that would like to comment on the naming process are welcome to email me or contact members of the city council or Parks & Recreation board by going to

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