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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monona Gardening Club: Organizational Meeting January 27th Monona Community Center

From Jake Anderson:
Hello All,
Thank you for your interest and excitement about getting together for education and socialization as it relates to the world of gardening. Per the responses it seems that Thursday January 27th at 6:00 pm meets the majority of people’s schedules for this first meeting.

I posted the following items that we can center our first discussion around, but I see this as an opportunity for people to get together in a group format and discuss gardening. Feel free to send this email to as many friends and neighbors as you would like and if Jessica and Doug can post on their blogs, I’ll post on the city website, facebook, and our e-newsletter.
As Parks & Recreation Director, I’m interested in tapping into the vast amount of talent we have in Monona to improve the aesthetics/sustainability of our parks and building grounds landscaping and future partnerships for programs that I’ll expand on at our kick-off meeting. If you can RSVP by Jan 25th so I know how much coffee to make, that would be great. Thanks again and I look forward to meeting you.

Starting perennials from seed – What type of equipment you need, what are easy to grow to start with, what type of soil/mix should you use?

Native Landscaping? - What is considered a native perennial plant to our area? Which natives have longest blooms (Bring photos of your gardens!)

Resources – What websites do you use for information for beginner gardeners, advanced, and sources to purchase plants/bulb/seed from both locally and online.

Plant Swap Meet Details – brainstorming session on if this idea is feasible for Monona and possible dates, location, etc.

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  1. I am SOOO excited about this group! Unfortunately I can't make this meeting, but I really hope others can! Yeay Plant swap!