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Friday, January 28, 2011

Poet Ken Nesbitt Will Be Visiting Maywood And Winnequah Schools February 10.

The Monona Elementary PTO has graciously arranged for superstar kid's poet Ken Nesbitt to visit both Monona elementary schools Thursday, February 10th. Ken is the poetic genius behind such books as More Bears!The Tighty Whitey Spider, The Aliens Have Landed at Our School, and my personal favorite, Revenge of the Lunch Ladies. (and no, that doesn't have anything to do with Chartwells food service) Elementary school librarian Stacey Pipson sent home a flyer last week for children to order books for Ken to autograph. Thanks Monona PTO!!

Gabby's Baby Beagle
Gabby bought a baby beagle

at the beagle baby store.
Gabby gave her beagle kibble,
but he begged for bagels more.

Gabby loved her baby beagle;
gladly Gabby gave him one,
but her beagle grabbed the bag and
gulped them down till there were none.

So she took her baby beagle
to the bagel baker's store,
where the beagle gobbled bagels,
bags of bagels by the score.

Gabby's beagle gorged on bagels,
bigger bagels than before,
till he'd gobbled every bagel
in the baker's bagel store.

Gulping bagels bulges baby
beagles' bellies really big.
Say goodbye to baby beagle;
Gabby's beagle's now a pig.

--Kenn Nesbitt

Check out Ken Nesbitt's website

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