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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monona Elementary PTO Bingo Night This Friday!

The Monona Elementary PTO will host the ever-popular Bingo Night this Friday evening in the Winnequah School cafeteria from 6 to 8pm. This is a free family event with beverages and baked goodies for sale. Please remember Bingo Night is not a drop-off event- please plan on enjoying the evening with your children!

Event organizer Kim Haefner is still looking for a couple of extra volunteers to man the treat table for a half hour shift. Please consider lending a hand! You can contact Kim at 441-0870 or


  1. Jess, can you give some mention to Ken Nesbitt, the visiting poet who is coming to Maywood and Winnequah on Feb. 11? PTO sponsored the visit, and Ken has been getting acquainted with the kids via Skype. His website is A flyer went home with kids last week.


  2. CORRECTION! He's coming Feb. 10! Sorry for the mistake.