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Friday, March 26, 2010

Is That A Coyote In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Trying To Scare Me?

From Monona Park and Recreation Director Jake Anderson:

"Two 3-D coyote replicas were placed in Winnequah Park today. One by the gazebo and one on the other side of the lagoon. Hopefully they will work, but I already "caught" one gentleman trying to remove the decoy as it "scared" him as he was walking his dog through the park. I'm hoping they will work and stay in the park, check them out if you get a chance. Have a good weekend."

The 3-D coyotes are part of a continuing effort to discourage our geese population from enjoying Winnequah Park and not cleaning up after themselves when they leave. Anyone who has played a game of football, soccer, softball or simply tried to walk through areas of Winnequah Park know what a lasting impression our geese can leave behind. My boys have their own "park" shoes that have a permanent place in our garage after usage. I'm pleased that the city has given up on the fishing-line-sieve-over-the-lagoon strategy for now. While the young anglers of Monona rarely catch anything there, they sure do have a lot of fun trying. Other ideas for geese mitigation include Jake's canine crew of geese chasers that he organized last year to some success and non-intrusive flashing LED lights that will be installed later in the season. So if you happen to come across a coyote in the park, don't panic. They will be moved around frequently. And by the way, for the time being, dogs still aren't allowed in Winnequah Park.

FYI Jake just emailed that these coyote decoys only cost about $60 each- nice!


  1. This seems like a great opportunity to form a committee to create seasonal costumes for the coyotes. If you hurry, you could get some rabbit ears on them in time for Easter!

  2. First outfit: black and white striped tights, Justin Timberlake t-shirt and broken iPod clip-on.

  3. While the young anglers of Monona rarely catch anything there, they sure do have a lot of fun trying.

    Use a 1/8oz to 1/4oz colored jig head with a small spit shot about 4" above the jig head. Use wax worms or spikes and a balsa "stick" bobber, set shallow. Fish the channel that leads into the main lagoon (by the dream park).

    You'll catch enough blue gills and crappie to keep any 4 to 8 year old entertained. (not keepers mind you, but that's not the point)

  4. Thanks for the tips- although I did have to have my ten-year-old translate most of it for me!