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Monday, March 7, 2011

More Meetings.

The Monona Park and Recreation Board will meet this Tuesday evening, March 8, at 6pm in the Monona Community Center.

The agenda includes discussion of the Firemen's Park Shelter bathroom design, as well as surfacing options for the new Blue Park playground. We will continue discussion on the 2012 park, community center and pool capital plans.

The Monona Grove Board of Education will meet this Wednesday, March 9, at 7pm in the GDS IMC.

The full agenda can be found here.
Some new business of note: discussion and possible approval of a proposal to make-up loss of instruction time on February 17 and 18. And while I don't have the exact breakdown of numbers, I wanted to let others know that the vast majority of our teachers who chose to join the protests at the Capitol for those two days did not call in sick as some are claiming, but rather called in as "other deduct".
There will also be discussion and possible approval of a resolution authorizing the issuance and sale of approximately $3,895,000.00, which may sound to some that the district has recently sold off some property or other assets. Not the case, it is a refunding of bonds. Also up for continued discussion? The state proposed biennial budget and district budget reductions, of course.

And because I'm feeling a little cranky, one of my favorite photos:

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