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Monday, November 29, 2010

WSJ: Maywood Consolidation Coverage

It's always something when the MG school district makes front page news in the State Journal.

School merger back on table in Monona Grove
Gena Kittner
After rejecting a plan this spring to consolidate two Monona elementary schools, the Monona Grove School Board is again considering a merger as a way to address a $1 million budget deficit.
"There are people who really believe in the value of a small school," School Board president Susan Fox said about why some residents have objected to consolidating the schools. "I think we're just to the point where we can't afford to offer that option."
The proposal is to move all students at Maywood School, which houses 4-year-old kindergarten through second grade, to Winnequah School, which houses third through fifth grades, starting next fall. Informational meetings are planned for Dec. 11 and 14 and the School Board is expected to vote on the issue Dec. 21. Officials say they want the issue decided next month to help them make other budget decisions for 2011-12

The whole story can be found here.

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