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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Milton School District Wins In Arbitration.

From Walworth County Today:

MILTON — The Milton School District received a long-awaited arbitrator's decision this week, ending a months-long impasse over the district's 2009-11 teachers contract.
The decision paves the way for an insurance switch that could save the district nearly $500,000 during the 2010-11 school year, district officials said.
In a 44-page decision filed Saturday, state-appointed arbitrator David Shaw decided in favor of a proposal from the Milton School District that forces the teachers union to switch health insurance carriers.
The ruling's simple: The Milton teacher's union will drop its union-fostered healthcare coverage through the Wisconsin Education Association Trust in favor of the district's pick—a Dean-Mercy healthcare plan that's used by school administration and the bulk of other district employees.
The insurance change likely will come in January 2011 and applies to the remainder of the union's 2009-11 labor contract, Superintendent Bernie Nikolay said.
Shana Lewis, who represented the Milton School District in the arbitration, said she believes the outcome of Milton's arbitration case will resonate with school districts statewide

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  1. yay!!

    kudos for us, right?? And when i say us, i mean the lowly taxpayer. Thus who may or may not have a student currently benefitting from our current school district configuration??