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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things That Make You Go HHhhmm...

I see this tree every day on my drive to the YMCA. My favorite thing about this tree is not the huge metal flowers but the fact that you can tell someone was about to cut it down at the base and then must have said "oh, what the hell, let's just put a whole bunch of huge metal flowers on it instead".

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  1. I talked to this guy awhile back. It wasn't spur of the moment. He had been thinking about doing this for awhile. However, I neglected to ask him about the health of the tree prior to the, um, installation of the flowers.

    Our east Madison neighbors have a couple of other interesting yard things going on. Take Atwood to Walter, then first right on Johns. Just do it. Hopefully "it" is still there. And "it" really ought to be in Monona for obvious reasons.

    Also, next Halloween take Davidson from Monona Dr. (last right turn before CG Rd.) If they keep up the tradition, in the last block before Davidson ends, you will find the most incredible carved pumpkin display. I cannot imagine how long it takes them to do this.