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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Board of Education Meeting This Wednesday, December 8th.

The Monona Grove Board of Education will meet this Wednesday evening at 7pm in the District Office Board room. The complete agenda for the evening can be found here.

Some highlights:
The Board will hear our district's PMA five-year budget forecast from Bob Borch, as well as an update on our continuous school improvement data and goals.
We anticipate lengthy discussion of the Maywood and Winnequah consolidation and the possible future sale of Nichols School property.
We will also hear more details of and possibly take action on the 2008 district payroll errors resulting in overpayment to staff.
Again, I would like to say thanks for the many generous donations to our schools and students. These gift donations are up for approval in the meeting's consent agenda:

E. Approval of Gift Donations

Fourteen winter coats donated by Cottage Grove Optimist Club to Cottage Grove School

$229.84 donated by Monona Elementary PTO to Winnequah School

$500.00 donated by Sara Steele, to Cottage Grove School for curriculum materials and
student assistance

$1,700.00 donated by Cottage Grove PTO to Glacial Drumlin for 5th Grade

$3,000.00 donated by Cottage Grover PTO to Glacial Drumlin for special requests

$500.00 donated by Bradley & Susan Manning to MGHS Athletic Department to offset attendance costs at the National Athletic Director Conference for John Klements induction into the National Federation of High School’s Hall of Fame.

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