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Friday, September 17, 2010

The State Superintendent's State of Education Address.

From Jim Lynch, Association of Wisconsin School Administrators.

State Superintendent Tony Evers presented his State of Education address at the State Capitol in Madison. In his address he outlined policy recommendations in four areas:

1. The DPI budget recommendations will include financial support for districts to provide the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment for students in grades three through eight, and the EXPLORE/PLAN/ and ACT assessment series at the secondary level.
State support for assessments yielding data to improve teaching and learning is a wise investment in these difficult economic times. We commend the State Superintendent on his recommendation and will strongly advocate for this to remain in the next State Budget as it moves through the Legislative process.

2. The State Superintendent challenged the leadership of the associations for school boards, administrators and teacher unions to develop a vision for an educator performance system that improves student learning and informs professional development.
AWSA accepts this challenge. Today, the issue of how to attract, retain and develop school leaders is the focus of federal and state policy makers and a host of foundations. It is critical that the perspective of practicing school leaders is considered in this discussion. AWSA, is developing recommendations on policies that we believe will strengthen the profession. Our Representative Council will discuss draft recommendations and provide suggestions on there development at its meeting on October 27th. If you are interested in serving on the Representative Council please email Robin Herring. In addition, we will be asking for your help in better determining the current state of principal evaluation in Wisconsin by completing an online survey this fall.

3. The State Superintendent reiterated his commitment to leading school finance reform during the next Legislative session.
We thank the State Superintendent for making school finance reform a priority. We are proud members of the School Finance Network and will be active in advocating for long-term, sustainable improvements to Wisconsin’s school finance system.

4. The State Superintendent outlined a series of proposals related to college and career readiness, including:• Requiring at least 21.5 credits for graduation;• Making dual enrollment options available throughout the state;• Making it easier for high school students to take college level courses;• Developing a “test out” option for 11th and 12th graders who demonstrate readiness for success in post secondary education.

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