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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Please Get Out The Cottage Grove Community Playground Vote! It Will Probably Be The Easiest Vote You Cast All Year!

From an email from Deb Uschan:

With your dedication and support, we can make this happen! Plus, our new partner alliance "Win4Kids" will multiply our voting power! We have promised to vote for them and they have promised to vote for us. We'll draw more votes this way and we'll all improve our chances to win grants from Pepsi in September. Please continue to vote daily and text vote as well!

Click to Vote:
1. Vote Online
2. Text Pepsi at 73774 with the CG KIDS' PARK code 100296 and then text on behalf of our partners too:
Playground by the Sound: 100542Children's Rainbow Retreat: 100864ASCS: 101491Imagination Station: 101137Adams 12 Five Star School District: 101867 St. Peter's School Eagle Scouts 100012Landon's Lookout 100024Autumnwood Care Center 100232
3. Vote via Facebook
Thank you for your enthusiastic support. Spread the word and get out the vote!!!
For more information,
visit the website.

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