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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MaGicEnergy: Juggling, Humor and Storytelling with Bob Kann October 26!

Monona Public Library is hosting the program MaGicEnergy Juggling Program with Bob Kann, 6:15p.m.10/26. Tuesday, Oct. 26, 6:15p.m. or call 222-6127

MaGicEnergy™ is a live 30-minute energy/environmental education program for students. The fast-paced program combines a strong environmental and energy message with juggling, humor, magic, special effects, storytelling, and audience interaction. MaGicEnergy was created in 2002 by Madison Gas and Electric Company in collaboration with performing artist, Bob Kann, a Madison-based educator and entertainer. We Need Energy is the major theme of the program with environmental sub-themes woven throughout the program to demonstrate the relationship of responsible energy use and environmental quality.

Watch a four minute video and see why he's been touring this program for eight years.

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