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Friday, June 25, 2010

Changes For Wisconsin School Aid Formula?

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

Rewrite of Wisconsin school aid formula proposed

Follow-up from the WSJ:

Officials: Impact Of School Aid Proposal Can't Be Calculated, Evers Outlined Plan Last Week
Wisconsin lawmakers who want to know how schools would fare under a proposed reworking of the formula that determines how much money districts get will just have to wait.
The head of the Legislature's nonpartisan Fiscal Bureau issued a memo Monday saying there weren't enough details of the proposal available to determine how it would affect individual districts.
State Superintendent Tony Evers released the framework of a new funding plan last week. He said he purposefully left out details so there could be a discussion about his idea over the summer.
But lawmakers made numerous requests to the Fiscal Bureau to find out what it means for their schools. Fiscal Bureau Director Bob Lang said that analysis will be done when there is sufficient detail to do it.

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